Police bullets claim two lives in Lahane

DILI (TOP) – The sound of gunfire from a member of the National Police of Timor-Leste not only greatly disturbed residents' bedtime, but claimed the lives of two civilians in Lahane, Dili.

A police officer killed two people in Dili Lahane at midnight Friday. The two people are a father with his biological son.

Mateus de Deus "Amino" was a veteran who died on the spot because a bullet from a police pistol had pierced his chest, and his son Camilo de Deus died later in the emergency room of the Dili national hospital.

According to eyewitness Francisco Borges that this case occurred at midnight Friday where a police officer with his pistol went to shoot ordinary people in their homes.

"Mateus de Deus died on the spot because a police pistol bullet pierced his chest, and his son Camilo de Deus died in the emergency room of the national hospital," Borges told The Oe-Kusi Post (TOP) at HNGV, Dili Saturday, June 04, 2021.

With this incident, Borges demanded the police and the government to immediately process the police officers who had killed these two civilians.

Felly de Deus in tears stated that her father was killed by a police officer in their home.

Felly de Deus cries and is hugged by a friend at the Dili mortuary on Saturday morning 04 June 2021. Photo TOP/Raimundos Oki

"My father was killed by the police," cried Felly in the morgue.

All family members have demanded that the PNTL commander take strong action and must punish the police officers who killed these two people.

After this incident, former prime minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão also went directly to the scene of the shooting in Lahane, Dili.

Police have shot three people, two dead and one still alive at the national hospital.

TOP has called the spokesman for the PNTL, Arnaldo de Araújo, that he has not yet received complete data on this murder case.

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