by: Tom Daley, U.S. Embassy Charge de A’ffaires


Under the Biden-Harris Administration, the United States is revitalizing our multilateral partnerships to advance our shared prosperity, security, and values in the Indo-Pacific.  ASEAN is at the center of our vision for the Indo-Pacific, which includes a firm commitment to the ASEAN-centered regional architecture and strong support for the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific.  Building on our enduring partnership and friendship with Timor-Leste, the United States continues to support Timor-Leste’s accession to ASEAN, respecting that ultimately the decision is for ASEAN members.

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By Rachel Richardson, Rob Hitchins

Global attention focused on shipping in March, as container ship Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal, disrupting movements along a route that channels close to 12% of global trade. While supply chains ultimately rerouted, and the backlog at the canal cleared quickly, the knock-on effects of delays at ports were felt for weeks, and the disruption to trade (around US$9 billion worth was delayed per day) will contribute to inflationary pressures. The Ever Given story put a magnifying glass on the stress that shipping was already under due to the pandemic.

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UN Resident Coordinator Timor-Leste gives a personal account of the circumstances and elements that shaped his unflinching commitment to financial inclusion. He tells us the story of his mother, who played a crucial role in the economic uplift of the household when the family migrated to the United Kingdom in the ‘60s. The turning point came in their lives when she was able to open her separate bank account, manage her earnings and the family’s finances. “This led to what we are today. If my mother had not taken the finances into her own hand, we would not have reached where we are now”, reflected Mr Trivedy.

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